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Signs Of Rats And Rodents Infestations At Home

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

When an intruder comes to your house, there are telltale signs that will let you know something is amiss. Here are the most common:


One of the signs that you may come across is rodent droppings. Mostly, the droppings are likely to be found near the pets feeding area, near trash cans, and where you keep your food.


Most rodents are nocturnal. When it’s dark and silent, they come out from their hiding and engage in mischief. Due to the silence of the night, you are likely to hear them scratching surfaces.

Nesting Materials

Rodents destroy anything in their way to collect various nesting materials. If you see small pieces of materials lying in different places in your household, then you should know that there is a rodent infestation. You are likely to find these in concealed areas.


Are there burrows in your compound? If there are signs of burrows in different areas in the yard, then you should contact a reliable rodent pest control company before it’s too late.

Pungent ammonia-like odor

Rodents are likely to leave behind a strong smell, which emanates from their urine.

Gnawed structures

Gnawing is one of the most annoying rodent activities. At first, you may notice gnawed wood, wires or fruits on a tree, but not give it much of a thought. However, if you examine it closely and look around, you will definitely notice that there are rodents in your residence.


Another sign that you have some new guests in your house is the smudging of the walls and food storage areas. This is a common pattern because rodents collect dirt by passing through various surfaces and leave visible marks in clean areas. If you see some sort of hair, then you can be sure there are rats or mice in the house.

Damage to property

Rodents top the list as one of the most destructive pests you may encounter in your household. This can be attributed to the fact that they can chew through most materials. Here are some of the damages that rodents can cause to your property;

Rats and mice will chew insulations and cause problems with your wiring. This kind of damage is extremely dangerous as it can lead to a fire. Besides messing with the wiring, when they make their way into an electric home appliance, they can cause various malfunctions, including short-circuiting.

Their tough gnawing teeth will destroy furniture, wooden structures, plastics, and water pipes, wreaking havoc to your home. Your clothes will not be spared either. They poke holes in between them and render them useless to you.

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