Pest Management Association of New Zealand

Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ) is an association run by pest managers for pest managers. The association was formed in 1976 to provide a unified voice when important issues arose that required our industry’s input.

Their mission as an association of pest management firms is to communicate the role of our industry as protectors of food, health, property and the environment and affect the success of their members through education and advocacy.

Through the efforts of PMANZ, the pest management industry is stronger, more professional and more unified. PMANZ has guided its members and the industry through legislative and regulatory initiatives, the creation of verifiable technician training, the changing technologies used by industry and public and media relations.

Many local authorities, companies and government departments now require that pest management companies they employ are members of PMANZ. The use of Association Logo on advertising identifies full membership of a recognised group of professionals whose members provide services carried out safely and efficiently in keeping with good practices, to a code of ethics, as well as maintaining high business standards.

By employing a PMANZ technician you can be assured of a qualified professional technician who has met our strict membership criteria. Ask to see their membership certificate or current photo id badge.  Both contain our logo and expiry date.

From its beginning PMANZ has been a clear, consistently positive voice for the industry, providing support services, consumer information, access to technical information and education training material for its members. 

The Major reason for PMANZ growth and success is that its members have the opportunity to network and share ideas. At each meeting, regional seminar and national conference members are provided with an open forum for free exchange of information from suppliers and educators.

By attending biennial conference addresses from noted experts and industry professionals from within New Zealand as well as overseas, members gain valuable ideas plus the chance to meet manufacturers and product distributors. Hence our members grow and prosper and are better prepared to serve their customers. 

A Registered Technician of PMANZ has the following Qualifications and PMANZ membership Requirements:

The values which the founders in 1976 shared are still embraced today as membership of PMANZ companies grows throughout the country.