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What Is Pest Control

Pest control is the regulation of a number of species, also referred to as pests, as they are considered harmful to ecology and human health. It has always been necessary to protect plants from pests and therefore pest control has been in place since the beginning of agriculture. Pests are usually rodents or insects.

The main problem with pests is that they severely damage your home and your health, regardless of their size. In Auckland, pest control is one of the major problems people are facing today. Many companies have been established to address this issue, but most companies cannot solve this problem and offer only temporary solutions. It is also important to know how often you need to use pest control treatments.

Methods of pest control in New Zealand:


In the early days of Auckland, pest control was carried out mainly with biological methods. This method focuses mainly on the control and management of natural parasites and predators. Auckland used this pest control method as it was always safe and did not pose a threat to the ecosystem.

Chemical pesticides

There are thousands of chemical pesticides that are used today in homes, stores, offices, farms and many other places. Pesticides are dangerous and pollute soil, food, air and water. Sometimes they are too dangerous for individuals who use them and for other living organisms nearby. Pesticides are available in liquid, solid and aerosol form, categorized by the type of pest they kill, such as bactericides for bacteria, insecticides to kill insects, herbicides for plants. Pesticides can kill a harmful animal through the mouth, the respiratory tract and the skin. Always remember to read the pesticide label before using a spray and avoid contamination of drinks, food, utensils and other items that are not covered. If you have problems with pesticide control, contact a pest control service provider to get the job done.

Organic pest control

In general, an organic or natural method is preferred for those who wish to limit the damage caused by small animals and insects and to ensure the safety of their children, plants and pets. If you want to use traps, bait or sprays. You can add poison to your bait, such as insecticidal soap, aerosols, oil, etc.

Hygiene control

A clean place does not attract pests. It leaves no food where pests can grow and multiply. Therefore always pay attention to good hygiene in the office or at home. After every meal, clean the appliance, dump residue and leftovers into a safe garbage bin, rinse dishes and keep all household items clean.

There are several effective and safe methods of pest control, which are invented with extensive researches. Recognizing the problem and using the appropriate pest control method would lead to long-term results.

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