How To Get Rid of Spiders This Spring in 4 Easy Steps

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How To Get Rid of Spiders This Spring in 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Rid of Spiders This Spring in 4 Easy Steps

When the cold’s away, the pests will play. I’m sure that’s how the saying goes? Too true. Did you know Spring was named after the actions spiders make when hopping onto all the things you love to cover them with webs and eggs? (Citation needed)

Food production for spiders, more commonly referred to as “Nopes”, peaks in Spring with the arrival of flies, midges and insects, so you can expect to see more victim retaining, spider web laiden side mirrors and room corners right about now. Sound good? Yeah nah. Furthermore, White Tail spiders, like us, hate the wet and damp AND, unlike us, eat other spiders, so essentially, a spider infested house is a tempting invitation for these Australian natives. No worries though, we’ve got a few helpful tips to keep these unwanted scuttling land octopuses away. 

– 1 –  

Clean the outside of your house. Get rid of the webs, no, not the internets, the unwanted squatter quarters the spiders have lovingly whipped out on your home. If possible, take a hose to it, you can never be too sure!

Dog with water hose in its mouth

Get the whole family involved to ensure all grime and dirt films are cleared.

– 2 –  

Spring clean inside your house. That’s why they call it Spring cleaning. Because you clean your house. In Spring. When the spiders are house hunting. Clean all the things! Door frames, window frames, ceiling, corners, skirting boards, crevices and so on. Be thorough, you’re only going to do it once this year, make it count. Throttle their food source, it’s the vacuum cleaner’s food now, he’s earned it.

2 Spiders in front of a house with a sign that says "House Hunters International"

Which house will it be? Make sure it’s not yours.

– 3 –  

 By this stage you’ll never want to pick up a duster to tackle another web again. Now you wait about 10 days for the webs to re-establish. It’s a trap! Now you know where they’re living! And that’s where the spider control experts come in. Sit back, sip on some wine tea (at a mate’s place) while they do what they do best. They’ll climb into their Spider Busters (jokes) gear and start by professionally administering external surface treatment which is applied in areas where spiders typically crawl. Most professional treatments work on residual contact (translation: the insect will absorb the product after crawling over it, effectively exterminating it). On the internal surfaces, residual product is usually only applied as required. Now you leave remaining cobwebs for at least 2 weeks after treatment so that visiting spiders (like our white tailed friends) will come in contact with the product. Webs can then be brushed away with a broom or duster but never use water to clean these surfaces for the 9 to 12 months while the product continues its exterminating duties. (At last, a valid excuse to be a bit lazy.)
A-Jet technician in a pest control suit spraying for pests with an A-Jet Spider Busters logo

Who you gonna call?

– 4 –  

Bonus step. No further efforts involved. The above tips will naturally keep away the white tails as you’ve successfully exterminated their food source. Bye spider, we’d prefer you find somewhere else to go about your spider business, I’ve heard camping is quite pleasant this time of year.

Spider next to a tent by a campfire
White Tails should take advantage of the beautiful outdoors New Zealand has to offer. It’s much better very different to Australia.

Easy as! Spring into action this spring by giving an accredited pest control company a call if you’d like to go ahead and initiate a Spexit (Spider Exit) deal. We promise it will go more smoothly than it’s namesake.

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