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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a notorious pest throughout Auckland due to their mastery of hiding and travel. Due to their name, there is a common misconception that they are only found in beds. This is not true – bed bugs can be found virtually anywhere people gather, for example, homes, offices, 5* hotels, backpackers, or schools.

Their ability to hitchhike allows them to spread very quickly. They latch onto clothes, suitcases, and all kinds of fabric. They feed on host blood and although their main target is humans, they can also feed on pets and other warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are tiny, and people can easily confuse their bites with those of other household pests. See our article on bed bug bites vs flea bites for more info.

What to Do if You Find Bed Bugs

If you have found bed bugs or suspect that the bites on your body are from bed bugs you should contact your local pest control specialist immediately. Try to photograph or keep any insects you find to show your pest control technician to make sure they are bed bugs.

We strongly advise against trying to treat bed bug problems yourself. Flea bombs or other DIY treatments are not recommended – bed bugs are notoriously resilient and are extremely difficult to eradicate. You will need a qualified pest control technician who is experienced in bed bug treatment. Inexperienced pest control technicians may cost you more in the long term.

For accommodation businesses like hotels and backpackers, ensure all adjoining rooms are inspected to help contain the infestation. If it is your home, make sure your pest control technician carries out a thorough inspection of affected areas. To prevent the spread of bed bugs, try to contain and isolate affected rooms and belongings. If you need to remove anything, make sure to seal them in a bag if possible. Your technician will tell you if you need to throw away any furniture or belongings.

How A-Jet gets rid of bed bugs

We travel throughout the Auckland region carrying out specialised beg bug treatments. We use a proven combination approach to ensure bed bug infestations are eradicated. Where there is direct skin contact (e.g. mattress, bed, soft furnishings) we use a non-toxic, non-allergenic treatment called Cryonite – a carbon dioxide snow-like solution. This freezes live bed bugs and kills them. The carbon dioxide used is a by-product of an industrial process, so it adds no extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere making it environmentally friendly.

We ensure that buglock encapsulations are on the mattress and base (where possible). This contains any new hatching nymphs. We also apply a residual chemical treatment to areas where there is no direct skin to skin contact.

With more than 30 years successfully dealing with bed bugs and other urban pests throughout the Auckland area, A-Jet can help you to put end to that annoying bed bug infestation. By calling in the professionals, you will avoid going through all the hassle and have peace of mind that the problem gets sorted before it spreads. Get in touch.

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