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6 Tips For Pest Control In Autumn

Autumn brings a change in weather and forces everyone indoors to fight the cold. But, that also means that pests that have life cycles longer than a year are also in search of shelter from the weather. And, if you havent taken pest control measures, it is likely that they are nesting in your home.

Pests such as rats, cockroaches, and some spiders will nest within your walls. They tend to chew on electrical cables and drywall and are known to pass on diseases like salmonella and Hantavirus. You might even face an increase in termites, ants, and mosquitos in your region.

How to Control Pests in Autumn?

To get you through the potential surge in pest infestation this autumn, we have put together 6 valuable pest control tips that you can do yourself:

1. Know The Signs

Watch for droppings, signs of nests, or burrowing. If you find any signs of insects, try to find the source of the infestation. Letting a pest problem fester will later go on to become unmanageable.

2. Make Repairs

The simplest way to protect your home is to first get ahead of the problem. Any openings, cracks are an entry point for pests into your home. Begin by blocking access and preventing the spread of pest infestations. Clean and screen all windows and doors. Repair any damaged screens.

Repair weather-stripping and loose mortar around the foundation and windows and doorways. This not only keeps the insects and rodents out but also cold weather.

Check into the attic and inspect all roof spaces regularly. Repair any cracks and damaged roof tiles. Also, make sure to repair the outdoor drainage system. It is essential to draw away water and moisture from your home and prevent any leaks.

Rodent droppings

3. Seal

Seal all cracks and crevices in your home. Use caulk and steel wool to do so. Especially the areas around piping, seal the holes using caulk. Screen vents and any small openings including mail slots and animal doors. You can use galvanized mesh.

4. Keep Up With The Outdoors

Unmanaged grass and shrubbery act as good hiding spots for insects and rodents. Keep branches, shrubs and bushes trimmed and away from the house. Any compost should be kept in a sealed area away from the house. Garbage bags and bins attract the most rats and cockroaches and should be well sealed. It’s a good idea to store these and any other yard waste, like firewood, at least 5 metres from the house.

Monitor drainage systems, pipes, water storage tanks, and gutters.

5. Avoid Moisture

Keep the house dry and well ventilated. Moisture and dampness attract pests. Some pest thrive in wet and moist conditions, making basements, garages, attics, bathrooms, and laundry rooms hotbeds for pests and mosquitos. You can use dehumidifiers to control the moisture.

6. Keep Clean

Food left unattended and open attracts insects and rats. Keep everything sealed in airtight containers and store in a dry place. Avoid leaving food outside for longer than necessary. Keep garbage bins sealed and in clean surroundings.

Lastly, while it’s the time of high risks of pest infestation, Autumn is also the best time of year to reinforce your home and secure it from pest problems for the rest of the year. Already have pest infestations in your home and repellents aren’t working? It is probably time to call in the experts for pest control services.

At Ajet Pest Control, we offer effective services to help you prepare for the Autumnal pest infestations, as well as for a range of other solutions for you to overcome pests. No matter how grave or trivial the situation, we have the right solution and experience. So, if you are in Auckland, worried about pests, reach out today, and we will deliver you from your troubles. 

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